4 Main Growth Hacks to Grow your audience on Twitter.

Right now we are still in the early phases of people starting to grow their audience and their influence and their businesses on Twitter, so I want to help you in this article, I want to give you some ways to grow on this platform faster, growing your audience and ride this wave and get ahead of the curve before everyone else starts jumping into this and growing their audience on Twitter as well, so let’s dive into these growth hacks for these steps,

Twitter Growth Hack No. 01.

The first twitter growth hack is to pick three main content buckets, this could change over time depending on data, depending on what the audience says but the main three content buckets are content creation, email marketing, digital products, so these three things are the main three topics, this just makes it a lot easier where you are not going on to Twitter and you are not just guessing about what to write about, that’s the first thing is to pick your three content buckets,

And also if it seems very hard to you then you can look for a twitter marketing agency.

Twitter Growth Hack No.02.

The second thing is to post three to five times daily, and this could be how to information, it could be value information, it could be insights, it could be lessons, it could be common mistakes that your market is making, it could be quotes or concepts that resonate with you and also relate to your content buckets, and really you just want to be posting consistently everyday and it doesn’t always need to be some kind of brain gasm, it doesn’t always need to be like the number one piece of content that you are going to put out, the main thing is you want to be consistent, you want to share your thoughts and ideas and when you do this consistently people are not going only see you lot more but you are gonna have at least let’s say you posted a hundred tweets, at least one of those is gonna get traction more than the others and then you know from there it’s like ok this topic got traction, I can talk more about this I can dive deeper into this topic, so when you tweet three to five times daily you are giving yourself enough time and enough data points to know which topics are resonating and which ones you can go to deeper on and which one you can just ditch and not talk about anymore if its not getting any traction,

Twitter Growth Hack No.03.

The third twitter growth hack is to make a categorized list of different industries and different areas that you want to learn more about, You can also create your categorization of only the information that you want to see based on a different industry or the different expertise area,

Twitter Growth Hack No.04.

The fourth growth hack is to create a tweet storm once a week and this is a super powerful if you can be consistent with this, Twitter has a 280 character limit per tweet and tweet storm is a basically a long article and you are just breaking it up tweet by tweet and it’s all within one thread, so let’s just say that you want to create a tweet storm the 11 best subject line formulas for eCommerce brands, so you might create one tweet you reply to that tweet with subject line formula number 1 you apply to that, with subject line formula number 2 and so on and so forth for 11 or 12 Twente, at the end of that tweet storm you can link to your website, you can link to your product, you can link to book a call and all this really is you are creating a thread of topic or an ideas usually how to post and you will be creating your email list, this is great to build your list it’s great to get the exposure on your profile, if you get one of these that goes off, that does well it can attract a lot of people a lot of eyeballs to your profile and when you create one of these, if someone likes what you are posting there is a good chance they are going to go to your profile and check out all the other content that you are posting and if you have other tweet storm is there, they are going to go down with the rabbit hole with all of your content,

So one of these a week would be very powerful, if you can stay consistent with this over time and all you are doing here is just diving deeper into one of your content buckets and expanding upon that in a multiple tweet thread, That’s what a tweets storm is, and their is great twitter agency who can do it on your behalf,

So these are the four hacks to grow your audience on Twitter, Thank you.

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