Email Marketing For Beginners in 2022

Did you know that for every single dollar, you invested in email marketing, you get back in return at least $38 to $40, if you do not believe this go to and search for email marketing “ROI (Return on Investment)” stats and by yourself, in this article, I will cover the email marketing strategy, how to start? Where to start? everything you need to know as a beginner in email marketing in this article,

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply sending emails to a bunch of people, so sending bulk emails to specific people and your goal is simply to get traffic to your website or your blog or increase your sales or simply promote anything,

And it is very easy when it comes to sending emails and email marketing we have mainly three types of email marketers, you have to know which one you are,

1- Bulk Mailers: bulk mailers are those people who send bulk emails over the internet, promoting affiliate links, CPA links, and so on those are bulk Mailers and considered spammers,

2- Cold Mailers: The cold email Marketers send emails to people who are not our subscribers but they are not spamming them, so it’s somehow different than bulk mailing the first type we are not promoting affiliate links and so on directly, they are sending targeted emails to specific people to open a relation, or conversation with them, so we can later promote something or maybe ask for something, and it is a completely different topic,

 3- Traditional Email Marketing: So it is simple to email marketing however, There are so many questions that arise in this topic like How email marketing works? What are the steps to be a successful email marketer?

So let’s see together, in short, we have three main steps:

  • Build Your Email List: Have a list of emails to send messages, and what you have to know that those emails those people must be targeted, Of course, you don’t want to send emails promoting fitness product to people who are investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, in other words, you have to send to people who are interested in your product in your services and your content it’s obvious,
  • Send Emails: It simply sends emails, to set up the system or the service the email marketing service and write down your email templates, and start sending your email marketing campaigns, and if you are getting confused then you can find the best email marketing freelancer,

Analyse and Optimize

it is also very important is to analyze your campaigns, It is to study what’s happening, how many people are opening your emails, and what is the open rate and how many are clicking, how many people are purchasing your product (conversion rates), and so on,

In this way you can understand what’s working for you what’s not working & how to improve your campaigns, I know each of these steps required may be full of course, how to build an email list, how to set up a campaign, how to write the perfect emails, how to analyze the campaigns and test, but don’t worry you can also gain some knowledge by this article,

First of all, Understand the concept in general cause you must know the concept & the basic,

First of all what you can do is, you can set up your sign up email letters on your website, so that you can collect a bunch of emails, and when a visitor will come up to your website and they will submit their emails, and once your visitor will submit their emails it will go into your email marketing system, so you can send them later on any email as you want to, so this is the first method that you can use to build your email list

Also, you can set up a system that once a visitor will visit your website an email pop up will appear while they are reading your article or they are checking out your website, and that pop up would tell people that to subscribe to your newsletter to your email list, so this is the second method that you can use to build your email list,

You might be thinking that how can you create your popups newsletter email list, so if you have a WordPress website you can simply install a plugin called “master pop-ups” so once you installed that plugin, you will be able to see that you can create popups, opt-in forms and integrate anywhere in your website, you can also customize your popup form as you want, you can add Email address names, data set options, in my opinion, this is one of the best plugins for the website to create a popup and capture emails, and what’s nice that this plugin integrates with almost all email marketing services, you can see that in the settings, it doesn’t matter what email marketing services you are using whether it is a MailChimp or Pipedrive, this plugin is useful for all almost every email marketing service,

These are the basic concepts of email marketing, I hope you did like this article. Thank you.

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