Detailed information about email marketing

Today, we are going to answer the super high-level questions like what is email marketing, the reason of course why you would want to understand this if you are just getting into digital marketing or if you understand a little bit of email marketing but you might be missing a few pieces off here and there, this is the article for you, so stay till the end, because we are going to do a comprehensive overview of what email marketing is and the fastest way to implement it on your own business,

What is Email Marketing?

So let’s define this little bit and dig into this and talk about why it is so important,

Email marketing is a tool that let us do two things,

The first is to provide value to users in the form of content,

And the second is to direct users through each step of the customer journey of the sales funnel when they get stuck,

So we use it in these two ways primarily, when we are talking about digital marketing,

Email marketing is arguably the most underrated digital marketing channel out there, but so many people have realized that email marketing is incredibly important and usually the most underrated digital marketing channels, or you can also take a little help from any email marketing freelancer.

And there’s the number of reasons why and I want to talk about that,

not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone is on Snapchat, there’s the number of different social channels out there, but everyone has an e-mail address and that’s why this is so important, your email list, or you as a marketer, or you as an entrepreneur or as a business owner as you grow your email list that email list can go with you, it is a portable asset,

There is many digital marketing channels out there that change very dramatically or they die, so what has value today might not necessarily have value tomorrow, for example ranking number 1 on else Alta Vista in 1997 was fantastic it was probably great for any business, it’s not that important now, does Alta Vista even exist, are you can have the example of the dopest Myspace page, it was back in 2002 it was probably awesome but probably doesn’t matter as message now, so spamming your way to growth through social invites they learnt this the Hard way, they did this with Farmville back maybe five or ten years ago, got a lot of early growth and then Facebook change the rules with social invites, and their stock price slipped as well, it was a very tough break for them, Praying Google doesn’t change the rules, demand media basically went public off kind of low quality content marketing, and then Google panda update slapped them and their stock price took a very dematic drop as well, so rules change all the time Google and Facebook can change their rules all the time, different social networks can expand and contrast all the time, stuff can often change a lot, but email often doesn’t change, it is an not a social channel, it is a web protocol and I want to talk to little bit about this and what that different is,

So the internet is made up of protocols and applications, so web application is a lot of these sort of private companies that you use everyday like for example Facebook, Google, Yelp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Myspace are web applications and they often sit on the top of web protocols, when we talk web protocol, we are talking about DNS the domain name service, HTTP, FTP, IRC, SSL or SMTP, these are all kind of standardized digital communication platforms, they are not necessarily owned by a private company, these kind of standards that we all use when we use the internet,

SMTP is email, so when you are doing email marketing you are using the SMTP protocol, you are not using Facebook’s terms of service or Google’s terms of service, this is a really important distinction and that’s why your email list is effectively this portable asset that moves along with you, so companies can change their rules platform can become popular,

But protocols don’t die, people are getting excited about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now because some people are saying its a new protocol for money, the protocols are rated, that’s very fascinating and they are very interesting as well, so keep that in mind that protocols don’t die,

So I hope this Detailed information on email marketing was informative for you. Thank you.

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