Evolution of Digital Marketing, how this started

Digital marketing is the tool by which anyone can promote or advertise his products or services, over the internet or any form of electronic media. People consume digital content on a daily basis, for example, earlier, we used to read all the news in the newspaper but ever since we got smartphones or tablets, everything is bound to the online activity. So, very soon the traditional marketing platforms will disappear by replacing it with the digital market which will completely take over the industry. There are so many advantages of digital marketing like it is very feasible and very cheap compared to offline marketing. You only need is digital marketing skills and for this, digital marketing companies can help you a lot.

History of digital marketing

Now, if we talk about the history of the evolution behind the growth of digital marketing, this was first used in early 1970, when a programmer called Ray Tomlinson send the first email and through this, it was established that anyone can communicate using the machine. It was just beginning, they know that digital marketing would create a revolutionary in the field of marketing. As the number of users increased, people evolved from email to search engines like Archie, Yahoo, Google, E-Commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and many more. The starting point for the history of digital marketing was in the year 1990. This was that time when the term digital marketing was first used in the launch of Archie, the first search engine. Archie is a tool for indexing FTP activities that allow people to find specific files. So, Archie is the very first internet search engine. Then, in 1993 the first clickable web advertisement banner was released. In the year 1994, Yahoo was launched and this was the first e-commerce transaction over the internet market, and also in the year 1996, small search engines like hot pot and Alexa was released. Then, in 1998, Yahoo launched Yahoo web search. So, digital marketing has already been grown to one extent and this was also the birth of Google. Microsoft also launched the MSN search engine in 1999 which is also known as the bing search engine and also in the year 2001, the first mobile marketing campaign took place. Then, in the year 2003, WordPress was released, and also in the year 2004, Gmail and Facebook were launched. These were the milestones that digital marketing had achieved. 2005 we have YouTube being launched and in the year 2006 Twitter was launched and also in 2008, Spotify was launched and in the next year 2009, Google launched its first real-time search engine results. WhatsApp was also launched in the year 2010, which is widely used by most people. WhatsApp is also a platform for digital marketing. In the year 2011, Google launched Google Plus and Google Panda. In the year 2012, knowledge graph was launched by Google, and also in the year 2013, the Facebook Messenger app was launched and also this is the year when Facebook took over WhatsApp. Also, in 2015 there was Snapchat. This is exactly how digital marketing took over mainstream marketing one by one. Year by year, they come across so many challenges and discovered so many new things. The mass adoption of the internet into everyone’s day-to-day life is the single biggest event that has affected marketing over the last few decades. Although, the early desktop publishing software in the first PCs caused search in print marketing in the year 1980s. Computers were a little more than a glorified typewriter and also in the coming few years the number of people using the web rose from 16 to 17 million. That is a  very huge number that is exactly how digital marketing was in the play ever since the beginning.

Types of digital marketing

There are many types of digital marketing that we can see in our day-to-day life like social media marketing, search engine optimization(SEO), email marketing, pay-per-click, content marketing, and mobile app marketing. So, digital marketing companies can help you to do all these marketings very easily. So, we can see that digital marketing is internet marketing that is done digitally over the internet where the virtual seller meets with the virtual buyer and makes a deal.

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