Freeways to promote your New YouTube channel to Guarantee Views

In this article, I will be talking about proven ways to promote your new YouTube channel to guaranteed views,And yes this even works if you have 0 subscribers on your channels, so let’s just get right into it,

Facebook Groups

The reason I put this as a perfect step is that I know a lot of people are already doing this with their own YouTube channels, but I want you to know that most of you are probably doing it wrong, for example, say you are in a Facebook group with a bunch of other YouTube creators and then you just decide to share your video on there because you want to pick up some extra views, but your videos are all about cooking and it has nothing to do with YouTube, do you think that group in those people are gonna the best people to promote your video to, probably not,

Incase you need any help from this then you can hire a YouTube Marker too,

Yes initially you are gonna see some subscription coming and you’re gonna see some views coming but that’s all you are gonna get because those are not gonna be long term viewers, the next time you go and upload a video those people aren’t going to come back to support you, it’s literally the same thing as a sub for subbing because you are only getting that promotion for one video and you are not going to get any long-term subscribers, while the algorithm is trying to figure out exactly who the right viewers for that video, you are promoting it to people that really shouldn’t be watching that video, which in turn is confusing the algorithm so it has no idea who to promote the video to,

But instead of promoting it to the wrong people you should try to find the right Facebook groups with the right people in it, and I don’t want to hear that there are no Facebook groups to promote your videos because there are so many different types of the Facebook group out there, so you should be able to find at least  one, for example, if you are making videos on helping young women losing weight, then I would go right on to Facebook and then I will search for the groups that are exactly what I would type into, and of course, you will be able to see the ton of groups and you’re gonna have to make sure that these groups are active instead of just seeing how many people are within that group because you could have a group that has hundreds of thousands of people in it, but if they are not active then that just means nobody is participating in it at all, and you don’t want to join a group like that,

The main objective of this, is really just go in there and engage with the bunch of Post and a bunch of people within that group, you can do this by commenting and liking different posts and really just creating post of your own, I do want you though, don’t just go into these groups and post your videos, because that’s a horrible idea we don’t want to do that right off the bat, that’s something that we are going to be doing a little bit later on, and of course you want to go in there every single day to all these different groups and you would want to go in and comment on people’s post and you want to make sure that you are going to make post, but the way to make posts, but the way to make posts is to go through the feed once you get in there, and then write down the topics of the post that really got a lot of engagement, so if you can see that one post got five comments and only two likes, but then another one got a hundred comments and the likes then obviously you are going to want to look at that post and be like ok what’s the topic of this one and how can i recreate it, because you want to bring up a lot of attention to your post, so that you’re just making a lot of new friends within that community, if you are still confused how to do this then you can hire a YouTube Marketer

So these are the ways that you can drive the people into your subscribers’ list, I hope this article was informative for you. Thank you.

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