Full Instagram Marketing Strategy 2022

I want you to look at your content on Instagram and go with these 6 questions and write down the responses in your notebook because you should have taken it out at the start,

Six Questions to Ask Yourself

1- How you can make it more engaging.

2- How can you add more personality or more of your brand to it?

3- How can you make it look better visually.

4- How can you add more value?

5- How can you edit it?

6- How can you get more creative with it to make it stand out?

7- Can I do it myself, if not, then you can hire the best Instagram Marketer to help you out,

Now obviously you don’t have to be perfect and it’s better to start at below perfect then never start because you are trying to be perfect but constantly look at improve you are doing, if you just constantly do this on a day-to-day basis just trying to make each post better than your last you will just get so much better at this and your content will appear at the top 10 and it will really really help you see great results, Cause content is literally the pillar of everything on Instagram if we keep improving this you are going rank better on hashtags, you are gonna get more people engaging with your content and more strangers engaging with it which is gonna push you further on the explore page in front of new people and grow your audience, people will share your content more often if it is better and when people land on your Instagram higher percentage of people that see it, will end up following you and engaging you and becoming the true fans, Purely because you have better content on your account that they want to follow and that they don’t want to miss out and please don’t ignore this please don’t overlook the power of just making the best possible content, its massively overlooked and going to 2021 is going to become more and more important, if you don’t have the time or skills to do this, you can go higher someone on fiver or upwork,

How does the algorithm work in Instagram marketing?

First things first the algorithm doesn’t hate you and chances are you are not shadow band, this two things that the algorithm has some sort of vengeance against them and that Instagram shadowbanned them, and whilst shadow band technically does exist in most cases it is not what you have, in some cases it definitely could be but regardless of, if you have it or not it doesn’t really matter, because you should be doing this all the time anyway regardless of you are trying to get out of the shadow band or just your engagement in general without one, because if you are saying a constant decline in reach, chances are it’s not Instagram’s fault and here is exactly what usually is happening instead,

I just want to give a side note very occasionally in certain specific examples, Instagram might be restricting your reach, especially if you are posting things that are outside their guidelines, so if you fall into that category, yes Instagram could be restricting you, but in many cases it’s not and I am going to talk about that now,

Here is what happening when your reaches is dying, you go ahead and make a post if it’s good post people engage with it, they like it, they comment on it, they read through it, they tag their friends and Instagram realised, this person here enjoys this person’s content hence why they spend time on it, and they engaged with it so next time they post I am going to show them more of this content because it’s going to keep them on the platform longer, but the next time you post you post something subpar that’s just worse than your other content, maybe it’s rushed, maybe you didn’t have time, maybe you were just being little bit lazy, therefore people just don’t engage with it as much, that indicates to Instagram that these people don’t like your content as much as they thought they did and the people who didn’t engage with it, clearly are not quite as interested as Instagram may have thought, even though they showed that content to them, now if you continue doing this posting content and someone is shown this piece of content and they don’t engage with it, every single time that happens Instagram realised that this person is less and less interested in your content and eventually they just don’t see your content anymore because Instagram are instead showing this person content based on what they interact with the most showing them more there as well as similar creators who they deem as relevant, this is in place to create a better experience for users and often keeps people on the platform for longer because it Instagram want to do that they need to show people content that they’re interested in, and incase you cannot do these things on your own then you can contact a Instagram Marker,

There we go, this is how you can have benefited by posting content that matches the Instagram algorithm, I hope this article was informative for you. Thank You.

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