Introduction of SEO, and How does it work

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it’s the practice of optimizing content to be discovered through a search engines organic search results, think of a search engine as a book factory where there are millions of books with thousands of Billions of pages, let’s say you want to the find information of best headphones, the search engine will then look over all pages in its categorization and will try to respond the most compatible conclusion,

Types of Search engines across the Internet

the first search engine you are probably thinking of is Google, but there are tons of other search engines you can optimize your content for, for example, YouTube SEO is the process of getting traffic to your videos in YouTube organic search results, Amazon SEO is the same but you are optimizing your product pages to get free organic traffic, and undoubtedly Google’s SEO is the operation of optimizing your site to rank on Google to drive more traffic to your website pages,

The search engines are using complicated algorithms & technologies to respond the stunning conclusion for any certain inquiry that no one be aware of precisely that how these algorithms works, however,we have lead, especially for Google so we can make some optimization,

Why need you to merge SEO into your marketing project? Three major benefits of search engine optimization

1- Traffic from your SEO efforts is free.

2- Your traffic will be consistent once your ranking is high.

3- You have the opportunity to reach massive audiences you would not have access to otherwise.

Every search engine has their own unique algorithms, No one can able to shelter how each of them works, and that’s the reason, we are going to be attentive on how Google works to rank pages since it’s the largest search engine and the one that we hear at Ahrefs have the most information on,

How does Google work?

Well, there are two main terms you need to understand these are crawling and indexing, to retain information Google uses crawlers also known as spiders which gather publicly available information from all over the web, the spider start with the list of URLs which they may have previously crawled or found in sitemaps, these are called seeds then they follow the URLs on the web pages from the seeds and it crawl those unfamiliar recognized web pages, and this operation goes remain approving them to build a huge categorization of information, when they take all of this data back to Google’s server to be added to what they call their search index, their algorithms then work by taking things like keywords and content freshness to categorize queries so they can return the most relevant results to searches in a fraction of second,

Google is not just about corresponding keywords within the search inquiry, they also have discovered something called the ‘knowledge graph’, which is according to them goes beyond keyword matching to exceptionally acknowledge the people, places, and things you care about,

How does Google’s search algorithm work?

now let’s dig into the details, again Google’s goal is to start through hundreds of trillions of web pages within their search index and find the most relevant result in a half of a second, on Google’s site ‘how search algorithm works page’,  those people state that they take a look at the words of the searcher’s inquiry, relevancy & convenience of the web pages proficiency of sources and your location and settings, these ranking factors aren’t linear, but they are weighted depending on the nature of your query, as an example they mentioned that the freshness of content plays a big role in answering queries about current news topics, however for definition based queries like ‘what is search engine optimization’, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning For example, purity will not play a big role in promoting technology-based inventions.Given that this original explanation, was still actually revised., They also uses a group of people to manually access how well a website gives people who click on the result what they are looking for,

They are called ‘search quality raters’, rest cleared that these are not individuals at Google manually shifting your web page close to in the search results as long as they praise or don’t praise you, these kind of people don’t straight effect rankings, however it rather helps Google’s benchmark the class of their conclusion,

I hope you have got all of your answers regarding SEO like what is it & How it does work. Thank you.

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