SEO in Google’s Ranking Factors

Let’s talk about a few broad categories of Google’s ranking factors, the first and most important thing is they understand the meaning of a query, for example if you search for “slow cooker recipes” what do you expect to see in Google search results, Probably list of recipes right and that’s how Google interprets the Query too, but what if you just search the word “best headphones” what would you expect to see, after keying that into Google search, you will see product listings and eCommerce categories pages, They are also able to clarify that someone searching for this phrase possibly has the intent to buy the appliances in place of looking for only to get educate in that time, understanding the meaning of a query get off to language, They have created language models to decode line of words and they should look up, they know that when you type “bad headphones” that you are actually looking for “best headphones” they also understand synonyms, for example looking at the search result for “how to make a website” you will see that they have bolded synonyms within the search results,

Beyond language search algorithm also try to understand the type of information you are looking for, or if you are having problem with these terms of search engine then you can hire a SEO freelancer

for example, if you search for PS4 Unboxing you will see that the top 10 Google search results are chock-full of pages from YouTube, They understand that anyone searching for and Unboxing tutorial likely prefer video content over text or images,

Whereas a query like “map of New York” will show you images result as well as a widget from Google maps, what about the query like “best Indian restaurant” you will see that Google shows the restaurant that is close to your location despite not entering a city name in the query, and that’s because someone searching for this isn’t going to fly halfway across the world for lunch, and other parts of interpreting a searcher’s query comes down to freshness, for example, if you search for “Donald Trump” Google understands that people likely want to read recent news over biographies, so they give priority in their top stories widget from reputable sources,

They also understand that if you are looking for something like “best headphones” that you likely wanna fresh information since new models and manufacturers are always on the rise, and you can identify this right in Google search results seeing as all top-ranking pages have the current year in the title, most if not all of the things we have wrapped can be summed up into what SEOs often refer to as “search intent” that means the reason behind a searcher’s inquiry, it is defensibly one of the major important things to master as an SEO , and if you are unable to match the searcher’s intent in terms of content type and format your chances of ranking are slim,

How does Google’s Ranking Factors work?

This leads us nicely into how Google identifies relevance through content on a web page, in the most basic form search engines will look at the content of a web page to see if the words on that page are relevant to your query, but they are sophisticated enough to go beyond exact match keywords, Google understand related keywords too, A page surged in relevancy with other semiotics similar keywords, example, if you have an article on “how to get a driver’s license” you may have subsections on licensing for “cars”, “motorcycles”, and “buses”, these are all automobiles and should have keyword overlapped that help connects the topic as a whole, for example, “road”, “driving”, “seat belt”, “safety”, “exam”, and “test”, these would all be semantically relevant Keywords that can help search engines better understand what your post is about.

So this is how does the Google work & these are the Google’s Ranking Factors as I have explained above in this article, and if you still having any problem with these things then you can hire a SEO agency I hope this article was informative for you. Thank you.

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