Why would you want to grow on Twitter in 2022

In this article I want to talk about why would you want to grow on Twitter & why should you grow an audience on Twitter, and why I think it’s going to be a social media king of all the other social media platforms by the end of 2021,

So, let’s first talk about, why would you want to grow on this platform, it’s nothing new, it’s been around for a long long time so why am I focused on growing on Twitter and why should you want to build your audience here in 2021, let’s talk about the reasons right now,

1. Organic reach/engagement

The organic reach and engagement on Twitter is incredible, the engagement and organic reach that you will see on Twitter just kill all these other platforms, the organic reach and the engagement here is crazy high and you would think it’s a new platform for how good the organic reach is,

2. Quality/Value Information

The quality of information and value that people share on this platform is also very top-notch, it is high quality, and if this does go back to who you follow and who you choose to follow on Twitter, But overall there are some biggest entrepreneurs and billionaires in the world like Elon musk, they are very active on this platform and they are sharing information and they are sharing the value, insight and different things and lessons about their business, so the quality of information and the value and the people you are going to find on Twitter is top-notch, some of the brightest minds in the world, this is their platform of choice.

3. No Limit To Followers

There is no limit to the number of followers you can have on Twitter, so platforms like Facebook you can only have 5,000 friends and LinkedIn have a limit of 30,000 connection which you know is kind of high but there is still a limit, so in Twitter, you can have an unlimited amount of followers and like I said on the first point the organic reach and engagement is incredible, so just imagine putting a tweet out, unlike Facebook pages where you are posting only 1% of people see your post, but with the Twitter, reach is still crazy high, even for a mature platform,

4. Twitter’s Upcoming Features

They are coming out with a feature that rivals the best feature on every other platforms there is, Instagram stories twitter has a feature called fleets that is just like story, spaces is coming on to take on clubhouse so you guys know, clubhouses that new audio only app twitter is rolling out a new feature called spaces which is the exact same thing as clubhouse, communities that’s going to take on Facebook groups so twitter is going to have their own groups and own communities directly in the platform, super follows where you can actually pay people or if your big influencer you can charge people to follow you and see certain tweets of yours, that’s going to rival patreon where people are paying creators for their information, they also just rolled out a built-in newsletter platform to rival substack if you guys know what that is, they allow you to create paid new email newsletter, twitter just rolled out a feature to create your own newsletter directly in the platform and twitter is also testing eCommerce features which means you can directly buy products right of the platform products and services, so twitter is coming out with a feature to rival basically every other platform out there, and they are really going hard on these features this year, Everyone are excited to see what this is or what it’s going to look like and how twitter is going to grow by the end of this year,

People have predicted some things about Twitter-like, By the end of 2022 Twitter will be the king of all the social media platforms, it’s going to be the most talked about, it’s going to be the most desirable platform for people wanting to build their audience because of all the features and because of all their engagement there, if you also want to get any help then you can hire a twitter marketer as well,

So these are the reasons you should start growing your audience on Twitter and you start marketing on Twitter, I hope this article was informative for you. Thank you.

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